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Inverting remote on-off cable

Inverting remote on-off cable (ASS030550100)
The Inverting remote on-off cable is intended for products which require active pull down of the remote control terminal to switch on, while the source signal turns high when switch on is required.
The load output of an MPPT 75/15 or MPPT 100/15, for example, can be used to control an inverter.
Some inverters will switch on when the remote control input is pulled high. The remote control input
of other inverters must be pulled down to switch on.
Pull down to switch on is needed for the Victron inverters model
Phoenix 12/180, 24/180, 12/350 and 24/350. These inverters should be interfaced to the load output of the MPPT 75/15 or MPPT 100/15 with the inverting remote on-off cable.
All Phoenix Inverters rated at 3kVA and more and all Multi C’s, Multi’s and Quattro’s also require active pull down to switch on, and the inverting remote on
- off cable can be used to interface between the remote on
-off terminal and a source signal that turns highwhen switch on is required


  • Model: Inverting remote on-off cable
  • Produs de: Victron Energy

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